A product of the legendary Boston Comedy scene of the 1980's, Dan Margarita worked with such notable comics as Sam Kinison, Judy Tenuta, Lenny Clarke and political satirists Jimmy Tingle and Barry Crimmins, as well as joining such comedy sketch groups as, Cross Comedy and The Sketch Society. Lately, Dan has combined his humor with his love of music, producing two CD’s, Kill The Messenger , Kinda Pregnant and Put It On the Vinyl. With occasional forays into serious music, his songs are mostly social and political satire, of which Boston Herald critic Nate Dow notes, “Dan Margarita's ear for a tune is as sharp as his razor-edged wit. His topical takes on life will have you laughing and nodding along. The way he attacks an issue with his guitar and his tongue will leave you wondering what's more skewed: his vision of our jumbled world or the realities within. Some might be quick to label him a 'novelty act,' but spend a few minutes inside Dan Margarita's whirring head, and you'll realize it's no act! He inhabits his songs like a proudly devious poet. Listen with care ... and _-- unless you like nasal irrigation -- never with a mouthful of milk!"